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Scott Wilson, Future VLE http://octette.cs.man.ac.uk/jitt/images/b/ba/Wilson_future_PLE.jpg 

Diagram above by Scott Wilson, http://octette.cs.man.ac.uk/jitt/images/b/ba/Wilson_future_PLE.jpg


I’m keeping a watchful eye on what direction the CMS (aka LMS, IMS) is heading. Those of us trying to look through the Magic 8 ball are prophecizing a significantly different role for the CMS in the not too distant future. What is likely to happen is that it will stand alongside other Web-based applications, quietly doing and/or crunching the administrative functions, such as gradebooks, accepting homework assignments and enrolling students into a courseshell via integration with an SIS. But the portal or first point of entry may not actually be the CMS interface.

So what might it be? I was inclined to write about PLEs (personal learning environments) but realized that there are way too many good sites and resources out there both in text and graphical representation about how the PLE might work. One goal this year is to find out which faculty within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system may already be using or approximating a PLE with their students.

So, if you’re tracking all of the TLEs (three letter acronyms) in this post and want to read on, feel free to graze through some of these resources on PLEs:

Visual Presentations of PLEs by various authors

<iframe height=”335″ width=”450″ name=”Welcome3″ scrolling=”no” src=”http://show.zoho.com/embed?USER=lblicker&DOC=Visual%20Representations%20of%20PLEs.ppt&IFRAME=yes” frameBorder=”0″></iframe>


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