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I believe I mentioned in a prior post that one of the things I love about having an iPhone is that it serves double-duty as an XM-like radio. I can pull in ad-free radio stations (tons of them) on demand, for no extra cost beyond my monthly Internet fee.

One of my favorite radio applications is Stitcher Radio, for keeping up with technology. I find I no longer have time or patience to download podcasts to my portable device. I want them streamed, on demand. And with Stitcher, that’s exactly what you can get.

It’s free and is currently available for the iPhone and the Blackberry. Once installed, select the Stations button, then any of the choices which interest you. In my case, I’m interested in the Science and Technology option which then provides the following station/podcast choices:

  • Apple and Mac (TUAW, Today iniPhone, MAc Observer, EZMac)
  • GamerZone
  • Learning Center (Quick and Dirty Tips, Harvard, UCB, How Stuff Works)
  • Technology (TechCrunch, WJ Tech News)

In one spin around a St. Paul’s Central Park the other night. I learned why Microsoft might actually compete in the world of cloud computing followed by everything you might want to know about Open Street Maps.

Pretty cool stuff.


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