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The Space Navigator

2D controllers move over. Here’s a relatively new product from 3Dconnexion, a subsidiary of Logitech. The Space Navigator  was originally designed as a controller for 3D applications such as CAD/CAM or 3D graphics programs. However, the Popular Mechanics review of the gadget (video below) claims that 3Dconnexion is billing it as a Google Earth controller.




So imagine the possibilities of using this thing in Second Life (SL) for example. Well, imagine no more. Torley from Linden Labs just posted a YouTube video yesterday indicating how Linden Labs and 3Dconnexion are collaborating so this device can be supported in SL.




Here’s one more video, showing Beast Linden demoing the product.


The price of it? A quick Internet search showed it going at $52 at the low end. If anyone is using this product, let me know. User posts only (vendor posts will not be approved).


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