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Web 2.0 – hundreds of open source (free) tools everywhere. The .com craze of the 90s has morphed into “zillions” of Web 2.0 .com startups. Pedagogically speaking, these things are awesome, allowing easy, agile content creation and interaction, for instructor and learners alike. It takes very little time to put up a YouTube or UStreamTV video, create a threaded voice discussion with VoiceThread, or put up widgets on your course home page or blog. You’re the driver, instant control, and for free! Does it get any better than this?

However, with the tools being easily accessed by everyone, concerns abound, from intellectual property rights to personal safety and privacy, to network security issues (new worms exploiting AJAX frameworks).  I cannot wait to see what the next decade brings. Will there be more or less proliferation of these tools? What will the cultural anthropologists have to say about them?

In the meantime, check these out:


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Are You Blogging This? 

Yes, David, I am blogging this! 🙂


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My First Post

With so much going on in the world of instructional technology and higher ed these days, I decided to throw my hat in the blog ring and start publishing on the Web.

My intention is to keep a lookout on emerging trends in (higher ed) instructional technology, eLearning, course management systems, virtual learning environments, and the next generation of learners. Themes such as social technologies, virtual gaming engines and interoperability will take center stage, I imagine for the next six months.

So, thanks for visiting and stay tuned as I post short info blurbs, links to interesting/pertinent videos, or muse on some instructional technology trend. I welcome your comments.


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